Terms and Conditions of Membership

This agreement is applied by all members enrolling in this site.
You can enroll in this site you are older than 18 years old (or 21 in some areas) and if you take advantage of this site in an individual.When you acquire ID in violation of this and took advantage of this site, you may receive a criminal punishment.When this site suffers damage from that, you take the responsibility of compensating the damage.
Only the individual who paid the use charge through a regular procedure is accepted as a member of this site.This site cannot be joined in the organization or organization of two or more persons’ group, a corporation, etc.The member who revealed the password to a third person takes the responsibility of compensating the damage which this site suffered from this.
All images and movies in this site allows browsing for an appreciation purpose in an individual.Using them without notice is not concerned with business or non-business, but it forbids firmly.A member in violation of this bears responsibility of compensation for damages.
When there was access from plural access point by the same ID in this site in the time, this site gives notice to providers and investigates being essential.Even if it is assumed that an owner of ID took some loss in this thing, this site does not bear the responsibility.
When the act applicable to the above-mentioned item occurs, even if there is it in an effective period of subscriber ID, I eliminate ID of the member concerned without consent.
When it becomes impossible over the long period of time more than for five days using this site according to the trouble of a server machine etc., the period according to the remaining use periods is extended.However, the obstacle by the response fall resulting from increase of the server load in a specific time zone and traffic and the communication environment by the side of a member shall not be included in this.
This site does not bear responsibility about the use inability conditions that the false input or a machine trouble of the user side of a password produced by the trouble that is not caused by this site.
This site does not return a use rate delivered once it regardless of state of things of the reason.You cannot refuse the payment of the credit card settlement.
This agreement may be modified or amended by this site at any time, and changes are effective upon notice to each member.

An attention matter and a reference to relate to the credit settlement

The credit card which can be used
VISA/MASTER/JCB and an international card can be widely used.

Purchased ID/Password have been lost
When you have lost ID by a certain reason, please fill in the mail address registered at the time of admission, and ask from here.
Even if it carries out direct mail to a site administrator, management of a member data base cannot be performed.

Mail of ID/Password does not arrive after an registration
Even when an registration is crowded, mail usually arrives within 1 hour.
However, if the mail address filled in at the time of an registration has made a mistake in at least one character, mail will not arrive.

Please ask the complaint of a password not arriving in pay by credit settlement from the form here.

An inquiry by an email
Please be sure to look at the above-mentioned explanation writing before asking.

Please ask directly the reference indicated to the mail which arrived together with the password.
Please ask directly ET service.